Saturday, March 24, 2018


Attention Trapseat sponsors, potential sponsors, and interested parties.

For 2018 our adaptive recreational program is going to focus on our Hobie 16 Trapseat program. Trapseats which are adaptive wing seats that attach to either side of a Hobie 16 catamaran sailboat, which allows those with spinal cord injuries, etc. to sail/race on equal terms with those without any physical limitations.

Some call the Trapseats the wheelchairs of adaptive sailing due to the fact that the Trapseats are fairly economical priced (like some wheelchairs) and used Hobie 16's can be had for very little cost all over the world (like some wheelchairs), yet are also still in production (like wheelchairs), and is the most active beach cat class in the world (like wheelchair sports).

The Hobie 16 Trapseat program is progressing forward at a steadily pace. In 2017 we were able to acquire two very nice Hobie 16's to attach our Trapseats (adaptive wings seats) to. These two boats are now on a double stack trailer that allow us to transported them to any venue. We have two sets of Trapseats for these boats.

One of our goals is to put Trapseats back into production in 2018, which will allow us to grow the Trapseat program internationally. With the current decline in accessible/disAbled sailing throughout the world (a topic for another time) the Hobie 16 Trapseat is positioned to renew the sport.

There is a major difference between the previous Trapseat design, which was large and balky, and our 2018 Trapseats. Our new designed breaks down into a small size for ease of shipping to programs and/or race venues all over the world. Both the old and new Trapseats meet the weight and specs of the class rules.

The exciting news for 2018... There will be a international San Diego Trapseat regatta. Stay tuned as more info about this is coming soon.

We do need sponsors to help support our program. 2018 donations will go to the following...
1. Production of the first batch of Trapseats.
2. Some welding work on our double stack trailer.
3. New hitch for our trailer.
4. Other needs as they arise.

TO DONATE... Contact Miles Moore at or text 208-704-4454

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