Saturday, March 24, 2018

SuperFoiler Final

Today's (Saturday or Sunday in Australia) SuperFoiler Grand Prix racing is done and EuroFlex triumphs in winning all of the days races and the series overall. It's been a great 3 days of racing and today's final was spectacular. Tech2 (2nd) and Pavement (3rd) gave EuroFlex a run for their money, leading at times but in the end it was EuroFlex that pulled out the wins. The racing is on for next year with word there will be more teams joining.

All the racing took place in Australia but there are rumors it's going to go international. Certainly they will be very successful it they do so and we will keep you posted as it develops.

The racing was live on youtube but now watch the replay via the video supplied here. For all the info and highlights visit

Fridays Racing (Saturdays racing in Australia)

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