Saturday, October 29, 2016

Cave Lake, Kootenai County, Idaho

Small Channel limits access to this lake. Motors Allowed
Cave Lake (700 acres) – You enter Cave Lake via the channel from Medicine Lake
(If you are only reading about this lake you must read the Medicine Lake section to know how to get to this lake from the Coeur d’Alene River).

After exiting the channel into Medicine Lake and as you pass the boat launch you look right (W.) you will see a bridge, this is the entrance into Medicine Lake. The channel is about 4-5 high, about 8 feet wide, and about 3-5’ deep depending on the time of year you visit. Like Anderson Lake it is one of the larger lakes and a really nice lake to enjoy the wind and open water on, a really nice sailing lake. There is no public facility on this lake but since the Medicine lake boat launch is so close to the entrance of this lake its best to access the lake from there. This lake is mostly in the open (no hills near by) with of lots lily pads and grass along its shoreline.
Cave Lake accessed from Medicine Lake by passing under this bridge
Directions: From HWY 3 take the E. Rainy Hill Rd. for about a mile and watch the sign for Rainy Hill boat launch. This boat launch is on Medicine Lake and gives you boating access to Cave Lake to the west via boating to the bridge channel to the West of this boat launch. Note that Rainy Hill Boat Launch ( as indicated gives you access to both Medicine and Cave lakes, and Medimont Boat Launch gives you access to the river not the lakes Maps: View Google Map below...

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