Sunday, June 8, 2014

SAIL Fest a success and the Deseret Regatta

It was an extremely successful day at the SAIL Fest just this last Sat (6/7)… we had a lot of people come to our booth and go sailing. We now have new club members signed up as well as some new Sea Scouts from this event. And for SAIL Marine it was a good day with several boat sales in the works.
I was amazed with just a few people how much could be accomplished. Bruce brought a Hobie 16 and in spite of having some back pain he worked tirelessly taking people for a sail; Mitch peddled his Hobie Tandem Island 3 hours each way to help out; The Sea Cats helped a lot with un-packing the boats, rigging them, and then loading again; Levi (one of our Sea Cats) took a lot of people sailing on the Bravo; Skip worked the booth and singed up a lot of people for the club and Sea Cats, plus brought food and drink; I (Miles) had the pleasure of taking people sailing on the Wave and doing whatever else needed to be done (brought the Wave, another TI, Bravo, Compac16, etc.), plus trying to sell a boat here and there. I was so thankful for all our volunteers. I know many of you were busy this last weekend so thank you for your moral support.
What we need next is hopefully a couple of you to bring your sailboats to the Deseret Regatta and take the Sea Cats as crew. This regatta takes place this coming Saturday June 14th. We leave on Friday the 13th and will get back on the 16th. Also on the 16th we are hiking to the Palouse Falls. We are well short of our fundraising goal of $750… we currently have $100 toward our goal. If you could help us it would be greatly appreciated. Again we are developing a budget via applying for grants and sponsors but right now we just have you all for funding source.
Lessons… Just a reminder June 21 is the next small boat sailing class.

Pics below our Bonnie Lake camping trip.
Our boats at the Bonnie Lake boat launch

Some of us at the Rock Creek Cave

Camping near Bonnie Lake

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