Monday, August 13, 2012

Up coming Hobie Fleet 926 Activity 8/18/12

Sorry to do this again but we have to change the venue site for this Saturdays Hobie activity. I was informed the creek going into Bonnie Lake is very low not allowing even some of the smallest crafts to access the lake. So with this news I have moved the activity to Whiskey Rock State Park on Lake Pend Oreille. This is a beautiful site with typically great winds and places to hike, and the fishing is great.

Go to this link and move down the page to #27 Whiskey Rock for driving directions and link to park info. The park fee is free to camp (as the park site indicates) and there is a very primitive launch that only Hobie’s and small boats can be launched from. If you do not want to take the back roads and would like to boat to this site then launch from Farragut State Park launch (via the same link I just provided, move down the page to #32 Eagle Boat Launch); it’s about ten miles up the lake from this launch to Whiskey Rock. That is a long paddle trip (20 miles round trip) or even longer sail if you have to tack back and forth to get there.

The plan is to leave Friday evening around 6:00 PM from my store so if anyone wants to follow me you are welcome to email me and we can plan to go at the same time. I will camp overnight and then sail and swim a ton. Of course those of you who do not want to camp overnight can come on Sat. just for the day.

PS. I have to say the drive around the back side of the lake on the gravel roads is a beautiful drive.

Again I apologize for the site change as I really thought the creek would still be deep enough.

Please let me know if you are coming by emailing me back.

Thank you.

Miles Moore
Hobie Fleet 926
SAIL Marine

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