Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sailing the Inland NW

Sailing the Inland Northwest
I know I have been promising you all that I will post the new sailing videos, articles, etc. I am getting close to getting it all done. Sorry I have been just so busy... one man show...

Here is some new news and repeated stuff I have sent you before but please take a look at it all as we have some fun activities coming up.

In this email: Lesson & Activities Oct., Nov., Dec.; RC Models


Keelboat Class
Just an update I now have a Keelboat again to start teaching the 105 Basic Keelboat course. The best thing is I have the boat in Hagadone's marina so I can go straight to a dock versus paddling out to the boat as I had to do in the past. I will run the 105 Keelboat course all winter. Course dates to be announced shortly. Private instruction is always available.

Indoor Spokane sailing classes - I will be doing some indoor sailing classes in Spokane soon. I am working with an organization in Spokane and my sailing class will be part of other marine classes they offer... More info about this coming soon!

October Event & Lessons
On Oct. 15th I offer my last on-the-water sailing class for dinghies (small non-ballasted boats). I only have room for two more people in this class so sign up via my email ASAP at class fee is $125. AI and TI sailors can bring their own boats. For more info about the lake we will be sailing on and directions go to this link and slide down the page

For those who already know how to sail but want to improve their skills and have their own boats, you can join us for $55/person or $75/couple. For $125 you can take the class aboard one of my boats (I only have room for two more people). Learn more about the lessons here…

ACTIVITIESOn Oct. 15th I am inviting anyone that would like to sail on Radiant Lake in Rathdrum Idaho to do so. This is a 20 acre artificial lake with two large fountains on each end of the lake. This lake is only suitable for sailing dinghies up to 16 feet (TI is 19’ and works great on this lake). The lake is 4-8 feet deep. Email me for details for your specific boat at . For more info about this lake and directions go to this link and slide down the page

Nov. 12th Activity
Hot chocolate sail… Radio Controlled model sailing activity at Riverstone Pond, Coeur d’Alene Idaho (see directions link below). Come and join us for some RC models sailing and hot chocolate. I will put out some buoys for some around the cans racing. If you have never raced before this is a fun way to learn... For more info about this pond and directions go to this link and slide down the page

Dec. 3rd Activity
I assume Riverstone Pond will be froze over so we will do our Dec. 3rd RC model sailing activity at Independence point next to the Coeur d’Alene Resort. For more info about this lake and directions go to this link and slide down the page
We will start RC sailing in Spokane in 2012 as soon as Windermere Pond thaws out.

Buy a RC Model Sailboat
The official RC model sailboat for Sailing the Inland NW club is the Nirvana II. To purchase and to learn more click on this link


I think part of enjoying sailing/kayaking is being able to do it without pain, etc. So as many of you know I run a wellness business and I want to invite you all to the following:
This Thursday we are providing a major wellness presentation about Bone and Joint health, Blood Pressure/Lipids, Blood Sugar problems....

and the Natural Solutions available to resolved these issues.
The world renowned Jerry White is doing this important and informative Presentation at the Wellness Center in Post Falls this Thursday Night 7:00 pm (see directions below).

This is an especially good event for those wanting to learn how to lower blood pressure, deal with diabetes (or eliminate it), overcoming joint pain, and increasing bone mass all without the use of drugs with their sometimes dangerous side affects.
Don’t miss this presentation as it can help you and/or those you know and love.For more info contact me (Miles Moore) at or call 208-704-4454.

Directions: 2561 W. Seltice, Post Falls, ID. 83854. 208-

Miles Moore
Leaders in Vitality

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