Sunday, September 20, 2020

Students Regatta

AT 11:AM

Attention sailing students who have taken our 100 Small Boat Sailing class! October 3rd will be FunToSAIL's first annual student sailing regatta/race and BBQ.

Current and past students only. Anyone is welcome to come and watch. Come dressed up as a pirate or Navy/Seamen, etc. Get a few extra points for your costume.

It will be a fun day of racing to show off your skills developed or skills to be developed, and attire. Seriously its all fun and games.

Miles Moore your instructor will teach you how to race and have fun doing it.

Price to attend is $15/person. Please contact us so we know your coming... or text 208-704-4454.

So join us for a day of FUN and food! If you do not come it just means more food and fun for the rest of us, so don't miss it!

1 comment:

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