Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Ancient Sailing Series

New for 2020 is my our new Ancient Sailors Series (ASS) to show case that indeed ancient voyages via sailing vessels were not rare but a regular occurrence. It is my hope to also dispel the belief that only European nations had the ability to regularly sail the high seas.

It was common for European cultures to assume only they were civilized and all other cultures were inferior, even referring to the people of these cultures as savages. Even to this day it is taught and believed that the native peoples in North America had no horses until the Europeans arrived, yet ancient writing, art work, and oral traditions teach that the native people had horses, had cultures based on horses. Visit Indian Country Today and Sacred Way Sanctuary to learn more.

The Island people of the South and North Pacific was and still are a sea going culture. Arguable Island peoples sailing vessels were far superior in sailing performance to that of European vessels. Horses to the Europeans was their mode of transportation as sailboats and canoes/proas were to the Island peoples.

The Disney movie Moana was actually a accurate depiction of how important sailing was to the Island people. A lot of work went into this movie to make sure the sailing vessels and there other cultural depictions were accurate.

So its my hope you will enjoy the coming articles. Please make comments at the end of these articles as well on our future videos.

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