Saturday, September 21, 2019

SailGP second day of racing

After 2 days of racing team Japan sits atop the leader board by 1 point. Japan and Australia have secured their position in the match race final, but 3rd and 4th positions are up for grabs. Team China skippered by Phil Robinson with crew of 2 New Zealanders and 2 from China won one race today giving a nice break from the Japan and Australia dominance.

Team USA and GBR are still struggling to maintain their top speeds, which is consistently putting them in the back of the pack. Hopefully tomorrow they can step it up. Either team could still get the 3rd podium position if they have much better race results tomorrow.

Announced today is the addition of a 7th team to the line up for next year. No word on what country the team will be from. Also announced new for next year is wing options and improvements. Basically there will be a smaller wing sail for strong winds and bigger sail for light winds, plus the sails will be more adjustable with 6 controls versus 3 current controls. Such controls will allow the boats to perform even better in various wind conditions resulting in better speeds. There will also be some improvements/adjustments to the foils, and other systems on the boats.

You can watch tomorrows racing via SailGP channel or facebook page.

Watch/listen to the following videos to enjoy the replays of the previous races... The last video is fan forum questions to the experts of SailGP

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