Sunday, September 8, 2019

2 New Trimarans

It has been interesting to watch the world of multihull sailing expanding even more towards faster and faster racing yachts, the 50 foot, 50 knot SailGP foiling cats, to the Extreme Sailing Series GC32's foiling cats, to Phantom 18 foiling cats, and others. In this trend of foiling multihulls some are seeing that foiling has some draw backs such as high purchase price and high maintenance costs, which greatly limits teams and sponsors ability to afford to race them. So we are now seeing the pendulum swinging back into reality towards fast multihulls that do not foil and cost much less. So in this new pack of multihulls that are fast but do not foil we see two stand outs, the Diam 24 and Corsair Pulse 600.

The Diam 24 is a 24 foot long (almost) racing trimaran that can be transported in pieces on a trailer but is not designed to be launched from a boat launch as its way to wide at 18.44 feet (dose not fold up). It weight only 992 lbs, with a mast height of 40 ft. It takes about an hour to rig, laying the components out in a wide area to rig, then to be either launched off the beach or via crane. This class of boat is getting popular as a team racing boat of 3 persons because again as compared to foiling boats its fairly inexpensive at about $60,000 without a trailer. The Corsair 600 Pulse is 20 feet long (almost) and is easy to rig and launch as its amas (outrigger hulls on either side of the center/main hull) fold up/out. Once launched and out on the water one can simply fold out the amas. It only weighs 992 lbs for easy trailering and cost about $50,000 with trailer.

For many sailors the Corsair Pulse 600 is a good way to go due to easy rigging and launching, and amazing performance, plus is easily sailed by the weekend warrior or challenges high end racer. If one wants a bigger platform with more speed (mainly due mainly to its larger size than the Corsair) and primarily made for racing then the Diam 24 is the way to go.

Again with the Corsair Pulse 600 is the better recreational boat. Both boats won on different years Sail Magazines prestigious best boat categories.

Watch the videos below to learn more. At we sell the Corsair Pulse 600, visit this link


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