Friday, October 16, 2015

Attention we need your help!

Hello fellow Hobie sailors, and sailors in general. We are looking for Hobie 14's, Hobie 16's, and Wave's for our youth and accessible sailing programs. I (Miles Moore) currently own 4 Hobie Waves that I use for my sailing school and for the Sea Cats/Youth sailing. Also I have donated one Hobie 14 to the youth program. It is my hope to get some Wave's to replace my fleet of Wave's as my Wave's are not always available due to my classes and other programs. So the plan is to get Waves and Hobie 14's for youth to solo sail and train on. Hobie 16's are needed for team sailing and for the accessible Hobie 16 Trapseat sailing (disAbled sailing).

So if you know people that have any Hobie's they are not using that they might like to donate to the youth and accessible programs please refer them to us. Also financial contributations can be made to help us purchase boats and attend events. Donations can be tax deductible as we have non profit status. Contact me (Miles Moore) for more info at (call/text 208-704-4454) or

Here is a video of youth racing Hobie 14's like I did when I was young!

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