Thursday, December 4, 2014


I thought you all would find this a fun! Funny I have thought about doing this but in our country it would not be legal to do on any of our roads.

After two years of intense preparations a project which at the beginning seemed unrealistic if not impossible will become real: With a sailing boat equipped with wheels we are going to sail on the road E 40 from the southernmost end of Latin America through the pampas of Patagonia heading north for where civilization begins. For one month, a team consisting of my cameraman, a sailing expert, my co-pilot and me are going to keep sailing as far as the wind will carry us or until civilization in the form of traffic or policemen shall stop us.
As a result of the journey, a movie balancing narrative documentary and artistic film will illustrate the complex interrelations between our natural and social surroundings.

LAND SAILOR is a project of the German Video artist DanielBeerstecher. On this page you will find all information on how the project came into being... check it out at

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