Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 Sailing Plans

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! Now that it is a new year the plans for this sailing season are here... Check it out...

1.This year I will be coming out with my new learn-to-sail book that will cover all aspects of trailer sailing related to keelboats, catamarans/multihulls, sail yaks, accessible sailing, etc.

2. In association with my learn-to-sail books I will start a learn-to-sail video series.

3. This year my sailing classes combine keelboats, catamarans, and Hobie Islands in the same class unless otherwise noted. I have posted the learn-to-sail class for 2014 in the calendars on this site... See calendar tap under the header above and at the right side of this website/blog.

4. Related to my disAbled/accessible sailing efforts I will be focusing on Hobie Islands. The Islands are simply the best boat for the needs of my program and its participants. I will be doing a donation drive for this effort in various malls and events, etc.

5. Of course I plan to keep the sailing club going (Hobie Fleet 926/Sailing the Inland NW) with sailing trips/cruises/parties and racing. Starting with the Sail Fest this June 7th and then the Desert Regatta near the Tri-Cities in June also, etc. I have posting the events on the calendars on this site and will add more as they develop.

6. Every month there will be new articles at related to how-to-sail tips, product reviews, news, etc. Please submit your pictures and articles so I am not going solo.

7. In addition I will have my online store for sailboat parts and accessories coming online shortly (finally).

Also remember to visit as I have just put the notice where you can purchase my new historical navigation map for Lake Coeur d’Alene. This site is a great resource to show you all the great sailing locations within the Inland NW (E. WA., N. ID., NW MT.).

By Miles Moore, Commodore/SAIL Marine owner

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