Saturday, December 28, 2013

TACK TICS: Why Port Tacking a fleet in a race is not always a good idea!

 sail for gold 2010 wild start from alan williams on Vimeo.

This race took place in 2010 at the 470 worlds. The water is rough with fluctuating winds in this video and so in these conditions its tough to port Tack a fleet as the rest of the fleet has Starboard Tack right away. I love it when I see a team pull this off but its very risky and you have to be ready to maneuver quickly so as not to foul other boats that have the right away. To pull this off you have to hit the start line right as the gun goes off and be fully up to speed, etc. I hope you enjoy this video and see why its not generally a good idea to do this.

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