Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lake Pend Oreille Flying Scots Regatta

Those Flying Scots! (New)

Over the July 27-28 weekend Sandpoint Sailing Association hosted a two day "Flying Scot" regatta on our beautiful Lake Pend Oreille.

Doug Queen from the Columbia Basin Sailing Club writes:

"Great weekend in Sandpoint!

The HOSPITALITY was way above expectation. I just can’t say enough about how good it was. I would like to thank Brian Tyrrell and Chris Chambers for not only being the brains of putting this together, but also for all of the behind the scenes work. Troy and the race committee did an excellent job of running the races. Thank you! (Sorry I can’t remember all of the names to add my appreciation ) (Ed.Note: Volunteers included Brian Tyrrell, Chris Chambers, Troy Carlson, Merry Brown-Hayes, Tony Hayes, Mary Henriksen and Jack Howard.)

We have been invited back for their Spud Cup Regatta labor day weekend, Let me know if you are interested. I know it would be back to back weekends for traveling regattas with one weekend in between and then another traveling weekend, but the Venue is great you sail from the downtown marina and the party that they throw sounds great. Racing on Saturday was great winds up to 20 MPHs mostly around 13-15. Sunday’s wind was a lot less but it was still good sailing. Kathy is all beat up from the weekend and if she reports me I will probably be in jail. She fell 4 times and is bruised up. I did a couple of accidental jibes but not to worry they didn’t hurt me a bit. Mostly a 2 man race between Brain and Rich with Brain showing off and wining. Congratulations to both for showing us how it is done."

Doug Queen

Commodore CBSC

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