Monday, December 17, 2012

2012 Hobie Division 4 Meeting Results for Fleet 926

Hello fellow Hobie sailors (including Island sailors)! I wanted to bring you all up to date about the recent Hobie Div. 4 Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Seattle. Thankfully, those in charge decided to do a webnar to allow me to attend without the long drive.
My goal for the meeting was to get Island’s accepted as an official class within the Division. A vote was taken and it was unanimously approved. One thing I didn’t know was that Bravo’s and Wave’s were also not recognized as classes; so they were included in the vote. Previously if you had shown up for an official Hobie event it was likely you could not race if you were sailing any of the above mentioned boats. Now that has changed in our Division and I am sure it will eventually go national and international.
The other development was getting 3 of our Hobie Regattas on the Div. 4 calendar and one in the national calendar. Our three main regattas to attend are The Desert Regatta at Ice Harbor (near the Tri-Cities… June 15-15) on the Snake River; the Montana Distance Regatta/Cruise (July 27): and the Spud Cup at Sandpoint, Idaho (Sept. 1-2). With the Desert Regatta and Spud Cup all we have to do is show up and race. With the Montana event it’s simply an unsupported fun style distance race from point A to point B run by us. We are only allowed one event to be posted on the Hobie national calendars so I chose the Desert Regatta because right now it’s the only race we have attended as a club. The Montana Distance Regatta/Cruise and the Spud Cup are first for this year. Any of our fun events/cruises, etc. will be posted on our local calendar here on this blogsite (
I did set a date for a Flathead Lake, Montana Distance Regatta/Cruise on July 27. I know we have Montana members that have wanted an event so we’re now going to do it.
If you have questions, etc. please email me (Miles Moore) at

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