Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Updates & News!

In this post… Lake Cat; Sailing Numbers; 90 Miles; Island Club, Cat Club; Pocket Cruisers; Store & Online; Lessons… Please Scroll Down the Page to see all the topics as this post is bit long!


Lake Cat Funding Update... First what is the Lake Cat?

The Lake Cat is a 33’ high performance catamaran (model R33) that I primarily use for my disAbled efforts. At 33’ long and 16’ wide it is the perfect sailing platform for those with disAbilities particularly with spinal cord injuries that can not handle sailboats that heal too much like a monohull. And to be honest most people like to go fast at 20 knots versus 5 knots on a monohull so that is an added plus.

Current results... We have purchased via donated funding the 1. new used mainsail for the boat, along with a new 2. bare most. 3. Also an individual has stepped forward and will be paying for the new graphics for the side of the boat.

Phase 2... 1. We still need to have the new mast and sail shipped to us (to Hayden or Spokane); 2. once these items arrive we need to drill the mast for the fittings; 3. buy paint and paint the mast; 4. buy paint to paint hull bottoms; 5. cut holes in deck of each hulls for transfer lift; 6. build and install metal transfer lift brakets (the transfer lift is a small crane to lift persons with disAbilities on and off the boat); 7. at some point we need a new jib.

To help us send your donation to SAIL, PO Box 1145, Hayden, ID. 83835. Send a money order, check, or you can use a credit card. If you have questions please email me (info@funtosail.com) or call 208-704-4454.


I am STILL requesting from all of you to send me via email (info@funtosail.com) your name (first and last) with the type of boat you sail (or kayak). I need to get an idea exactly what everyone uses so I have an idea on how to plan for the up coming meeting and future events.

I will be attending the Hobie Div. 4 meeting on Nov. 17th... After this meeting on Dec. 13th at 8PM we will have our local Hobie & Non Hobie sailing meeting. Place of meeting has not been chosen yet.


Recently Mitch and I (Miles Moore) sailed 90 miles on his Compac16 trailerable Keelboat. We sailed and motored from Carlon Bay on Lake Coeur d’Alene all the way up the St. Joe River as far as we could. So stay tuned as I will be posting about this trip at funtosail.com shortly. This is a teaser to get you interested J


Hobie Cat Co. has announced that they will be starting a new Hobie Island Club effort all over the world, which will supply you, current and future Island owners with some great opportunities to use your Islands for some great events, get some unique products, and if you sign up on their Island Facebook page you will get a really nice Island T-Shirt. See the post below this one and check out the T-Shirt design and also visit this site for further updates. I personally as a business owner and with the club will be doing a lot with the Islands in 2013, and Hobie Co. now with their new efforts will only enhance what I am planning.


Also in 2013 I will promote the Hobie 16 a lot. For 2012 Hobie Cat sold out of Hobie 16’s, which they have not done in a while, it seems the Hobie 16 is getting very popular again. In addition to the Hobie 16 I hope to also get more Bravo’s, Wave’, and F18’s racing. Now that I do not have kayaks sales distracting me (Islands are more of a sailboat than a kayak and so am still selling the Islands) I will be able to do much more with sailing than I did in the past. I will be racing my Hobie 16 with Scott Bailey via the Trapseat set up (disAbled/accessible Hobie 16 set up).


As some of you know I am a big fan of Pocket Cruisers… trailerable keelboats up to 26’. There is nothing better than a cabin on the lake with a sail as I call them. I have been promoting the new Sage 17 trailerable keelboat on my website and where ever I can (No I do not sell them as currently they do not use dealers but regardless I am a big fan of their boat for many reasons). The good news is even in this economy the manufacture (Sage Marine) of this boat has been selling them like hot cakes. I am so glad that they are doing so well as it’s always great to see a US manufacture succeed in spite of the odes. I will also be adding a lot more trailerable keelboat items at my store and online, and will be selling more used keelboats as well. With our club I hope to get more and more trailerable keelboats to our events.


My SAIL Marine store is now on off season hours… meaning open by appointment. So if you need anything please call or email me and I can meet you at the store. Actually if you prepay for a part I can put the item(s) in my outside 24/hr pick up/drop box for your conveyance right outside my store or can drop ship right to your front door. I hope to have an online store for your ordering conveyance sometime this winter, but for now just email me with your request. Building an online store takes a lot of time.


I am still doing sailing lessons as my last schedule small boat class is this Oct. 27th. So there is still time to learn to sail on the water. During the winter I offer Radio Controlled Sailing lessons and indoor lessons via my sailing simulator. I will be offering a new Multihull/Catamaran Cruising class for 2013… with the Americas Cup now on catamarans I am seeing an increase interest in multihull sailing from small to big cats. Visit the lesson section of this blog/website for lessons info. This big multihull sailboat class I have just announced will be added shortly.



Miles Moore
Sailing the Inland Northwest / Hobie Fleet 926
SAIL Marine

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