Monday, June 18, 2012

Events and the AC

It's summer and there is a lot going on in the Inland Northwest related to sailing. In 2013 there are many sailing regattas taking place within the Inland Northwest... such as the Desert Regatta that just took place this last weekend (6/16-17), which we will report on soon right here on this blog. On the right on this home page and a little down the page is our calendar, check out the dates for our sailing classes as well as up coming regattas and adventure trips.

ATTENTION: The July 21 Spokane River Rendezvous needs to be changed. Due to all the rain we believe the water will still be moving to fast over the dam that we will be sailing next to in down town Spokane so the July 21 event has been change to sailing the amazing Horseshoe Lake (click here to learn more about this lake). We are still planning on doing the Spokane River but we may have to wait until Aug. or early Sept. If it keeps raining through all of the summer (hopefully not) we may have to wait until next year.

We normally do not post events or news about sailing outside of the Inland NW but the Americas Cup is an except. This June 26-July 1 is the exciting final of the Americas Cup (AC) World Series in Rhode Island USA. The USA syndicate is only 4 points in the lead and so the championships is up for grabs, I hope the USA wins. Here is a video of the history of the AC I thought you all might like to see. To watch and learn more about the Americas Cup visit

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