Saturday, June 30, 2012

Desert Regatta a huge success! 2012

The Desert Regatta was a huge success with a strong turnout from several classes (4 Thistles, 8 Fly Scouts, 3 Hobie's, 1 Weta). The Desert Regatta is the premier Inland Northwest small boat regatta. Due to family commitments I (Miles Moore) was note able to attend but Jeff Creim (1st in the multihull fleet, sailing a H17) has given us a quick report...

 The Desert Regatta went well (results posted at link below), light to moderate winds on Saturday, and a real BLOW (15-20+) on Sunday. A FX One sailor, Fritz, was there so I had a boat to sail against, Merriam in her Weta and Kam with his H14 rounded out the Portsmouth Multihull field. I sailed with my factory sails so I could use the the Portsmouth numbers. Initially on Sunday Fritz and I were the only 2 boats that went out to race and while we were running our race, a couple Thistles also came out and started (only one finished). Fritz and I finished, but while waiting for out second start Fritz flipped twice (3 times if you count the cartwheel recovery attempt) and was done. The Thistles were done. So I sailed a couple screaming reaches and also went in. All in all a very fun time. We plan to do it again next year.

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