Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hobie 14 fills with water... rescue

As reported my Jeff of the Tri-Cities (sails a H17)... June 6, 2012

In other news, I did my good deed for the week helping my friend Kam rescue his H14.  He and I went sailing at Wallula Gap last Saturday (blowing 10-20, see chart), about 2:30 he flipped his boat and couldn’t get it righted, his starboard hull was full of water (Kam had lost a 5” port cover from his right hull), so he hand paddled it to the cliffy/rocky shore.  I carefully maneuvered my boat to the shore (luffing into the wind) and tied up to a big rock since there was nowhere to pull my boat out.  Four people who were watching with binoculars drove over and helped pull his boat onto shore enough so we could drain the hull (one of them took the rescue photos).  Fortunately I carry a spare port cover with me just in case something like this happens.  So after draining and re-plugging/porting we were able to send Kam on his way.  Now here is the irony, his boat got a few scrapes and a new port cover, my boat got sever rock rash in 2 spots, oh well.  Sunday I repaired the rock rash and am Good to GO.

On a side note from Miles Moore the Inland NW Hobie dealer (SAIL Marine) recommends purchasing the new hinged ports that are used on Hobie’s kayaks. You will never lose a port cover again.

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