Monday, October 24, 2011

Hobie 16

By Miles Moore commodore of Hobie Fleet 926,

As some of you know I am trying to get the Hobie 16 (H16) fleet going again within the Inland NW. As I have worked on building the Inland NW Lakes & Rivers Guide ( I have visited almost every lake and pond within this area. The thing I have noticed in my travels and sailing on many lakes is that there are more H16’s than any other class of boat. As an active H16 sailor myself and with the fact that there are so many H16’s I realized in a short period of time we could have a very active H16 group sailing recreationally together and racing.

I am hoping that with this post any of you that own H16’s, sail them, race them will contact me now so we can start preparing for next seasons races. Starting in May at the Deseret Regatta will be our first race and recreational fun event… and we will progress from there. I am building a H16 data base to bring us all together and I need again you all to contact me via email or call 208-704-4454 to get our fleet going.

I will be sailing at times with my wife and with Scott Bailey via Trapseats at various events in 2012.

Check out the discussion about the H16 Pan Am racing and Olympic multihull racing future...

Here are a few videos to get your juices going…

Learn-to-sail a H16

Learn from top H16 sailors

From Surf City Videos

Hobie 16 Trapseat sailing... Its a long video and the sailing portion is at 19:41 in the vid.

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