Monday, February 7, 2011

Spokane Boat Show... "Why is a ship called She?"

The Spokane Boat Show is officially over and for SAIL Marine and Sailing the Inland NW it was a success... During the boat show we signed up new members and met a lot of persons interested in learning to sail. The Catalina 22 Sport, Weta Trimaran, Hobie Wave and particluar the Hobie Tandem Island where highlights for many at the show. Sales were slow at this years show but as always more sales will follow after the show.

In picture - Miles Moore and Scott Bailey
Next to one of the wood boats there was a humorous sign I thought you all would like to read... here it is..."Why is a ship (Boat) called She" ... 
Check out this blogs calendar as our next event is the RC model sailing activity, followed by our spring break trip to the Potholes Reservoir. Also this month and next is the indoor sailing class at the KROC Center in Coeur d'Alene Idaho, and in April the keel boat classes start. I want to remind people that Hobie Mirage kayaks are welcome to all events, but adding a sail may be a good idea.

Fair winds, Miles Moore - commodore 


  1. Love it! Why is a ships called a she,,, fits my wife perfectly...ha,ha.

  2. My wife loved it also... very funny!

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