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Spring is the typically time when we receive most of our used sailboats, and to a slightly lesser extent throughout the summer. We do not typically take in used sailboats during fall and winter.

Hobie Wave catamaran sailboat 2004: The boat is in good with scratches on the hulls, 1 year old black trampoline, used mainsail in fair condition, current rudder system, and 2 piece mast with mast top float. Galvanized trailer is in good condition due to that is designed for the Wave. Price $2700 for Wave and $775 for trailer. Contact or text (preferred) 208-704-4454. For Sale By Owner!


O'day Javelin daysailer sailboat 1977: This boat for its age is in great condition with strong hull and well take care of. Stored indoors.The mainsail and jib sail original condition but in good condition. Comes with electric motor and batter all set up and ready to use, with stern mounted motor mount. Galvanized trailer in excellent condition. Length 14'; Beam 5'8"; Draft 6" centerboard up, 3'10" down; 125 sq ft of sail (mainsail and jib); Weight 450 lbs. . Price $2700. Contact or text (preferred) 208-704-4454. For Sale By Owner!

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Hobie 16 catamaran sailboat: 1980 yellow hulled Hobie 16 Catamaran. The boat is in fair condition due to the leaks in the hulls. The mainsail and jib sail are in good condition. The trailer is in fair condition due to a broken coupler (need to purchase a new one available at walmart, etc.). Price $400. Great price for a fixer-Upper. Contact or text (preferred) 208-704-4454. For Sale By Owner!

Hobie Tandem Island: With full trampoline kit. Comes with two Turbo mirage pedal drives. No trailer. No lowballers, these are $6900 new without shipping.  Boat is ready for your next sailing/fishing/camping adventure. Price $5200. Contact owner Brandon at 509-590-6175. Notes: Will trade for 30+hp 4x4 tractor with loader and or backhoe, 35' or longer fifth wheel / 5th wheel or trailer, or utv/sxs (RZR ranger gator Polaris pioneer can am etc). For sale by owner!

Used Adventure and Tandem Islands: Used Mirage Adventure or Tandem Islands available from disAbled and/or rental programs. Text or email us for details. Price Varies. Contact or text (preferred) 208-704-4454. For Sale By Owner!

NEW UFO still in the box: Want to learn to foil and do it at an affordable price? Here is your chance. Includes all gear ready to sail and dolly. No trailer included. Price $7000. Contact or text (preferred) 208-704-4454. For Sale By Owner!

Nirvana Ready to Sailo RC Model Sailboat package: this package includes 2 Nirvana boats. Simply pull the boats out of the box's and snap together and you are ready to sail. Hull colors vary between packages. Some parts may be needed between the packages. These are as is purchase with no returns available or warranties, etc. Prace $150. Contact or text 208-704-4454

Wildcat Radio Controlled Model Catamaran Sailboat Kits: This is the only production non-motorized RC model multihull sailboat on the market. Show off to your fellow RC model sailing buddies by flying around the pond with this cat. This is our blow out sale on Wildcat models as a kit without electronic. This model is perfect for the speed demon. Specs: Length 32", Beam 18", Draft 4", Height 46", Weight 5 lbs, Sail Area 450 Sq. In. Simple to build, the kit includes a molded plastic hull, keel and rudder, a birch plywood deck, finished white nylon sails, lead shot ballast and complete wood and hardware package. Price: 75 each kit (shipping not included). These are as is purchase with no returns available. Price $150 (1 available. Typically $399.95) ready-to-sail. Contact or text 208-704-4454

Used Mainsails and Jib sails for Hobie's and Monohull sailboats: most sails in excellent condition. Price Varies. Contact or text 208-704-4454

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