Welcome to the Fleet page for the Formula Wave Class for sailors located in N Idaho, Eastern WA, and NW Montana, the Inland NW. This fleet is for all sailors that can sail independent as skipper with or without crew and with or without boat adaptations.

Our fleet is part of the Inland NW Sailors group that include other Hobie Cats such as the Hobie 16, Hobie Mirage Tandem Island, and other trailer-able sailboats such as Sportboats/keelboats, monohull daysailers, etc.

The purpose of this site is to connect Wave sailors to each other and to prepare for the 2023 Formula Wave Class Inland NW regional regatta and Inland NW Sailors festival.

The difference between the Formula Wave versus a stock Wave as it comes from Hobie Cat company is considered International Hobie Class Association legal versus the Formula Wave has stock hulls, cross bars, rudder system, but allows nonstock mainsail, trampoline, addition of backrests and tiller extension among other things (see attached class rules).

As we approach and enter 2023 we will post information about the Regional Inland NW Formula Wave Class Regatta... We are currently looking at locations for the regatta on Lake Coeur d'Alene Idaho, Higgins Point Lake Coeur d'Alene Idaho, Potholes Reservoir, WA, etc. We plan to include a Sailing Festival to create a festive party for the event and to highlight Inland NW Sailing, sponsors, and groups. Much is still in the planning phase.

Make a comment at the bottom of this page to introduce yourself to our fleet.


  1. Hello, Miles, here, commodore of Inland NW Wave Fleet/Inland NW Sailors. I own 3 Waves I use for my sailing class. Will be adding a 4th to just race with, etc. I am also owner of FunToSAIL and Hobie Cat dealer. In addition, I am run an accessible/disAbled sailing program. Hope to see our fleet grow this year.

  2. I look forward to sailing with the Inland NW group soon. The Wave has so much potential for so many different people. It is affordable, easy to rig, fast, and easy to sail. I love one-design racing, and the Wave can be raced in both the Hobie and Formula Wave (which allows different sails) classes. Both racing groups welcome sailors of all abilities, and Wave sailors are especially friendly.