Monday, October 11, 2021

Columbus and Discovery Day

Today is Columbus Day and I also include on this day what I call Discovery Day as their were the Vikings and others who also landed in North American (Columbus actually landed in Cuba and the Bahamas). Some indigenous people who are my ancestors crossed the land bridge into North America but who knows maybe some actually traveled on boats of some sort. There are also some stories of religious groups landing in North, Central, and South America. So there are a lot of groups that took part in discovering North America, and all of the Americas.

My thought is to celebrate the brave skippers, crew, and passengers that were willing to go out on the sea of unknown to land on lands that they had no idea was there but with great faith and spirit of adventure were willing to do what others of their day would not do. Some even thought these sailors would sail off the edge of the earth.

Columbus in particular was the sailor who started the process that one day would end up creating the most free and prosper nation on earth, the United States of America.

So let us celebrate the spirit of Columbus and all brave sailors who did what seemed impossible.

At FunToSAIL we will start producing adventure sailors series to discuss various ancient voyages that likely happened all over the world and related topics. Stay tuned!

Here is a great video about the amazing technology of what appears to be a very simple Viking sailing ship, but they were anything but simple.

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