TRAPSEATS are hammock like wing seats that that attach to either side of a Hobie 16 catamaran sailboat that were originally designed to allow those with disAbilities to sail a Hobie 16. However today not only are Trapseats used for the International Trapseat Class association racing and programs, but works equally well for anyone that wants to add comfort and levelage during strong winds to the Hobie 16.

Each Trapseat has 10 main parts, which include aluminum tubing, 4 clamping brackets, and water resistant hammock seat, plus assembly and installation instructions are included. Once the Trapseats are assembled they easily bolt to either side of the Hobie 16 side rails and pylons. Disconnecting two of the supports allows the Trapseats to fold onto the trampoline for trailering.

CAUTION: We do not advise trapezing off the Trapseats top tube even though racers do so. Trapseats have been in production since 1984 with no incidents associated with damage to a Hobie 16, however be advised that using Trapseats on a new Hobie 16 can potentially void the boat warranty if Hobie determines an issue was caused by the Trapseats. As with any outdoor activity being injured or death may result, and FunToSAIL takes no responsibility to said results or voided warranty when using our Trapseats.
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