We offer the most economical and best made trailers on the market for Hobie Cats, Hobie Islands, other Multihulls, and for small monohull sailboats and Keelboats. All trailers are galvanized, with LED lights, and come with a 2 year warranty (as long as you turn in your warranty card).

Once your trailer is paid for there is a 3 week lead time in getting the trailer unless we have it in stock.

Trailers must be pick up at our store/warehouse or shipped fully assembled.

Our Island trailers are specifically designed for the Hobie Adventure or Tandem Island sail yaks/kayaks. Trailers includes bow bumper and winch stand. The trailer cross beams were designed to be exactly as wide as the Island when folded, so the trailer takes up as little space in your garage as possible.

HAI $965 For Hobie Adventure Island
HTI $1065 For Hobie Tandem Island

Trailers do not come with Hobie Adventure or Tandem Hulls Cradles. Price Tandem Island $280. Price Adventure Island $314. Price does not include installation.

Specifications: Length from rear cross bar to tip of tongue 153" for Adventure Island trailer and 193" for Tandem Island trailer; Width of cross beams 52"; Width outside of fenders 52"

Our Multihull trailers fit Hobie cats and other small multihulls from 10-15 ft., such as the Hobie Bravo, Wave, Hobie 14, Venture cat, etc. The only difference between the two trailers, the H12 and H14 is the cross beam length. A mast stand can be ordered for masts that are not two piece.
H12 $965. Fits Hobie Bravo, Hobie Monocat, etc.
H14 $1065. Fits Hobie Wave, H14, etc.

Specifications: Length from rear cross bar to tip of tongue 78"; Width of cross beams 52" for H12 and 62" for H14; Width outside of fenders 52"

Mast Stand $ (tube length TBA")

Our larger multihull trailer fits Hobie Catamarans and other multihulls from 16-21 ft, such as the Hobie 16, 17, 18, H21SC, Tiger, Wildcat, Prindle 16 and 18, etc. Comes with mast stand, two sets of double leaning rollers, and LED lights.

H1618 $1665. Fits Hobie 16, Hobie 17, Hobie 18, Tiger, Wildcat, etc.

It is recommended for round bottom catamarans such as the Tiger, Wildcat, FX1, Kevlar Cats, etc. that you purchase hull cradles. Hobie 18s do not need cradles due to their more robust hull bottom construction. Cradles $179.

Specifications: Length from rear cross bar to tip of tongue 227"; Width of cross beams 95.5", Width outside of fenders 95"

Mast Stand $ (tube length 56")


We offer three trailers sizes to accommodate small day sailor sailboats from 6 to 22 ft and for small Keelboats from 16-22 ft. Each trailer comes with bunks, bow bumper with winch frame. Like with all our trailers they come with LED lights.

Pricing and Pics Coming Soon!

M16 $TBA. Fits small monohull sailboats from 6 to 16 ft.
M18 $TBA. Fits sailboats 16-22 ft, including small Keelboats

Specifications: Length from rear cross bar to tip of tongue 00"; Width of cross beams 0"; Width outside of fenders 00"

Mast Stand for M16, M18 $ (tube length TBA")


If we do not have your trailer in stock there is an estimated 4 week lead time from the time you pay in full to the time the trailer is ready for pick up at the store or ready to ship. No guarantees lead times will not be longer than 4 weeks. The trailer must be paid in full for an order to be placed. No cancellations allowed once paid in full.


  1. Looking for a hobie cat trailer boat is 16 ft new or used asap mike 6319018620

    1. We do not have any used trailers but certainly can sell you a new one as indicated on this page.