Welcome to our Accessible Sailing Program and our volunteer sailing group, Inland NW Sailors and SAIL (Self Awareness In Leisure).

Our program and group includes those with and without disAbilities from youth to adults who are independent in sailing and other water sports.


A. If you have no sailing experience take a Fun To SAIL sailing course. Fun To SAIL offers 4 types of sailing classes. 1. Small Boat Sailing; 2. Big Boat Sailing; 3. Coastal Sailing; 4. DisAbled Sailing; 5. And soon to be added Foiling sailing. Course 1, 2, and 4 includes a Safe Boating component that allows you to receive your states safe boating certification. Once you have taken a class and gained the skill you need to sail safely we can direct you in how to continue your sailing experience. Learn about sailing courses/classes HERE

B. If you have experience then contact us to join our disAbled program and/or group at

C. If you are at or below the age of 19 you can join our youth Sea Scout program to sail with other youth and join our regular events. Plus being a part of Sea Scouts covers each scout with insurance. If you are a paid member of a Boy Scout of America troop it costs nothing to join otherwise there is a fee to join, which gives you many benefits. Our youth are an integral part of our volunteer efforts to improve boating safety and give disAbled sailor support, etc.


We have regular planned events and disAbility focused events. See our calendar. The calendar is regularly updated with new events.


Hobie Tandem Island (knows as the TI): This craft is by far the most accessible vessel to all types of disAbilities due to its stability, easy to sail controls, adaptive seats, ability to pedal or peddle it by ones hands or feet, etc. One can learn more about this vessel by Clicking Here!

Hobie Wave: The Wave is likely the most stable sailing craft that is not ballasted and or has outriggers like the TI. So its benefit is its stability but also its great sailing performance, and ability to carry heavy loads with little sailing performance loses. Backrests can be added for more comfort and accommodations for those with disAbilities. Learn more about the Wave by Click Here.

Hobie 16 (H16) with Trapseats: The H16 is by for the worlds #1 raced multihull and one of the most exciting boats to sail. Add the Trapseats to either side of the boat and those with disAbilities can race on equal terms with those without disAbilities. Learn more by Clicking Here.

Hunter 212 (212) with Strahle Chair: The 212 is like the other sailboats in our list of available vessels is stable when it comes to monohulls. It performs well in all conditions and with the addition of the Strahle Chair for those with disAbilities it becomes a great accessible sailing vessel.



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