We service Hobie catamarans, other small multihulls and monohulls, trailer-able keelboats, and work on larger sailboats while in the water. It’s best if you bring your sailboat to our store but we do travel to work on sailboats. Just a word of warning… we are very busy in the summer months so it's best to have us work on your sailboat during the colder times of the year.

Services offered…
Good idea to get your boat inspected before this happens
- Standing Rigging tuning and replacement
- Running Rigging replacement via the best line available at great prices
- Sailboat Inspections whether selling or buying a boat
- Parts replacement and installation via new or used components
- Minor fiberglass work and painting
- Annual maintenance work
- Spar Replacement
- Wire swaging and line splicing
- Winch and windlass servicing
- Deck/hull hardware and fittings
- Furling, reefing, and other sail handling systems
- Mast stepping, launching, and retrieving instruction
- Assembly and Dismantling
- Safety inspections
- Very minor electrical boat and trailer work
- Sailing Lessons… click here to learn more!
How to not launch your sailboat

- No Motor Work!

Fees... $50/hr. not including parts and accessories. Travel fee within Kootenai or Spokane Counties is $50, and $75 for Bonner County Idaho. Outside of these three counties the travel fee is $100 for the first hour, $100 for the second hour, and $50/hr after the first 2 hours.

Outside of the 3 noted counties sometimes you can have a reduced travel fee if you are part of one of our boat servicing tours... basically the travel fee is reduced due to servicing several boats on the same trip. Typically these tours happen during the Spring and/or fall. Tours are based on demand so email or text us to find out if a tour is scheduled.  

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