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ACCESS TO OUTDOORS PROGRAMS/CLUB (Non-profit 501c3)... 1. Trapseat Sailing; 2. Marine Access; 3. Sailing Club

Our Trapseat Program is focused on helping those with spinal cord injuries and others access sailing via Hobie 16 catamarans outfitted with wing seats called Trapseats. Hobie 16's are the most readily available low cost, durable, and most raced small multihull world wide. By supporting the Trapseat program one can help us facilitate making sailing available to all no matter their economic status or physical abilities.

Two ways to help

A. Donate funding to help us build Trapseats so we can donate them to current and developing accessible sailing programs worldwide, particularly to economically disadvantaged areas where access to sailing by persons with disAbilities is limited or does not exist unless Trapseats become available.

B. Volunteer locally (within the Inland NW USA) or internationally in assisting persons with disAbilities to access sailing via lessons and/or as a team member while racing. Volunteer to assist with our yearly events.

Visit the International Trapseat Class at
Purchase Trapseats by visiting this link at

We are currently working with the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management, and others to improve or create marine facilities that are accessible to boaters with disAbilities. Example are creating accessible docks and transfer stations to allow those with disAbilities to get in and out of their boats to go sailing, kayaking, etc. 

Two ways to help

A. Funding for our projects can be challenging to acquired. Your support will insure our projects are funded and that we can continue to assess various sites for future accessibility work. Your donations are tax deductible. To donate or learn more email us at

B. Volunteer locally (within the Inland NW USA) or nationally but giving your labor to help us work on and maintain various sites, etc. Emails us at to learn more and volunteer.

Click Here to read about one such project (one of many).

Our club/group is called the INLAND NORTHWEST SAILORSwhich includes the youth Sea CatsHobie Fleet 926, Hobie 16 Trapseat fleet, Trailer-able Keelboat Fleet, Super Sea Snark Fleet, UFO Fleet, and other sailors with various models of sailboats. We are a trailer club with members spread out all over the Inland NW (N. Idaho, E. WA., NW MT.). We regularly sail together unofficially/officially and have a yearly Scott Bailey Classic (large sailing event) each year (see calendar). Events and stories are regularly posted on this site. To join email Miles Moore at

Event... Yearly local Scott Bailey Sailing Classic and the International Trapseat regatta info is on the FunToSAIL calendar at this link

LESSONS... If you do not know how to sail or have not sailed in years we recommend you take one of FunToSAIL's sailing classes. If you do not live near North Idaho we can direct you where you can learn-to-sail or take one of our online courses. FunToSAIL of course offers classes for those with physical disAbilities aboard the Hobie 16 outfitted with Trapseats. Visit the Lessons page!


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