Monday, December 17, 2012

1. New email; 2. Starting A New; 3. Hobie Div. meeting; 4. Events; 5. Facebook

Hello everyone! I hope you are having an awesome holiday season! Please read all 7 items below...
1st I have taken the Google plunge and have changed my email to Please email me with this new email address from this point on.
2. Because I want to start a new in 2013 I am asking you everyone to please email me if you would like to continue to be on the email news group. I want to clean up the email news group and make sure everyone on it wants to be on it. So again simple email me with your request to still be on it and please include where you live and the boat or boats you sail. If you do not send a follow up email you will not be on the 2013 email news group.
3. I have posted below this post the results from the Division 4 Hobie Cat Annual General Meeting in Seattle at . Please read as there were some interesting results from the meeting particularly related to Islands, Bravo’s, and Waves.
4. Some events for 2013 have been set up and some not. I am asking any of you that sail on Flathead Lake to help me with our first event there. Basically the plan is to do a distance race/cruise like around an Island or something so our start and end point is at the same location to eliminate the need to move our vehicles, trailers, etc.
Anyways here are the planned events thus far and is posted in the calendar with more details.
June 15-16… Desert Regatta
July 27… Flathead Distance Cruise
September 1-2… Spud Cup
In addition we will have some fun cruises/trips posted as they develop.
5. I have a new facebook page at  Sorry about having to create a new one but unfortunately the previous one I had for some reason I could not access it and facebook officials were no help in solving the issue. As soon as I get 50 likes again I will create a permanent url for this fb page.
6. And Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Miles Moore

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